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PoetryFilm Paradox + Disinformation Listening Party

The Disinformation Listening Party features an extremely rare presentation of electromagnetic sound works by the pioneering sonic arts project Disinformation. Disinformation was founded in London, England, in 1995, and produced a series of highly-influential LPs and CDs, before crossing-over into the fields of sound installation, kinetic and video art, and pure research

(early Disinformation works were published by the record company Ash International, aka Touch Records, later works were published by Iris Light and Adaadat Records). Disinformation installations have been described as “actively thrilling” by The Financial Times, The Sound Projector (music magazine) spoke of Disinformation producing “potent drug-like trances of utter black mysteriousness”, The Metro newspaper described Disinformation as “the black-ops unit of the avant-garde”, and The Guardian stated that “Disinformation combine scientific nous with poetic lyricism to create some of the most beautiful installations around”.


The Disinformation Listening Party focusses on shortwave radio recordings of so-called “Type II” (slow-drift) noise storms produced by coronal mass ejections on the surface of the sun.

Disinformation producer Joe Banks is a former UK government funded Research Fellow at City University (London), at Goldsmiths College and The University of Westminster, and is the author of a monograph on psychoacoustics published as “Rorschach Audio – Art & Illusion for Sound”.

PoetryFilm is an iconic and highly influential research art project, founded by curator and artist Zata Banks in 2002, and PoetryFilm Paradox is an hour-long presentation, featuring short film artworks exploring the complexities of erotic, romantic and familial love. PoetryFilm Paradox features 13 films, including animator Kate Jessop’s moving screen adaptation of a letter from Dolce & Gabbana designer Stefano Gabbana, to his partner Domenico Dolce; Bruno Teixidor’s powerful film fantasia, based on a poem by the Mexican author and translator Tomas Segovia; Brooke Griffin’s sign language film, based on poetry by Raymond Luczak; Stuart Pound’s hypnotic computer visualisation of “Die Nebensonnen” by Franz Schubert; Martin Pickles and Mikey Georgeson’s contemporary rendition of the classic “Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot; “Fucking Him” by artists C.O. Moed & Adrian Garcia Gomez; and “447: Intellect – N” – an extraordinary montage of Scrabble letters and electronic noise, by artist Jane Glennie. PoetryFilm Paradox was part of the British Film Institute’s 2015 “Love” season (supported by Film Hub London, and managed by Film London, in partnership with the BFI Audience Network).


PoetryFilmZata Banks & Joe Banks (photo by Clive Graham)

The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary British & Irish Poetry states that “recent signs of poetry cine-literacy include Zata Banks’ PoetryFilm nights”, AQNB magazine described how “the PoetryFilm art project continues to play with the avant-garde”, and Conclave Magazine recently stated that “the peerless PoetryFilm is back with a vengeance”.

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