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Margarita Bokusu Mina (MBM, pseudonym) is a teacher from Andalucia since 2016, writer and photographer since last century. In 2011 she exhibited her photographs about Rockberto (Tabletom) twice and again in 2013 when she published her first novel. In 2017 she has published her 8th novel and her exhibition in Kaleido (Malaga) is the second one this year, where she offers her particular vision of her city. It will last until 14th of October and it has been featured in La Ventana del Arte, the complete guide to art exhibitions in Spain.

Playa Verde

You can find Margarita talking about her books and other topics HERE. They are 34 brief recordings, most in Spanish but also in English and French. She can be easily found on IG and FB (see her albums!), and she is also in Google, Tumblr, and Twitter (@mbokusu). She has a blog where you can find everything has happened since she decided to publish and this is a post she recommends because there is a part in English where her artistic project is explained HERE.

  • Jimmy Hendrix
  • Paisaje Cerca del Cac
  • El poder de la imaginación
  • Málaga
  • Sevilla

If you are in Malaga (Spain) from August the 14th 2017 you can visit her photographic exhibition in Kaleido at the sea port. It will last two months. And if you have any question about all this do not hesitate in asking her.

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