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Photo release: “Alienation” exhibition

Gallery A3, Starokonyushenny lane., 39 (Moscow, Russia) – 24.11.2016 – 04.12.2016

The exhibition ‘Alienation’ explores the importance of the state of our physical form and the various layers of our psyche, along with the way it responds to the changes of our environment. The main concept behind the artworks is how our social environment alienates us, as individuals or groups, and how sometimes it is us who chose to distance ourselves from that very environment.

HEX by Ravinder Surah

Constantine Anjulatos

Lana Zaytseva
Andew Volkov
Anna Neizvestnova

Joan Ainley, Yevgeny Avilov, Evgeniya Balantseva-Veselova, Rik Beck, Danica Bicanic, Sally Bousquet, Emma Connolly, Charlotte Edey, Julie Edwards, Natalia Egorova, Fabio Forin, Javier Gallego, Ingo Gerken, Simon Gilks, Alexey Gogа, Mia-Jane Harris, Annika Hippler, Caro Krebietke, Andrew Kuzkin, Sharmain Kwan, Kyoungee Lee, Steve Marriott, Maggy Milner, Sue Morris, Anna Neizvestnova, Stephane Pagnier, Adrian Penu, Simon Richardson, Paco Villa, Anastasia Russa, Ravinder Surah, Nadine Stefan, Gia Strauss, Alexey Trubetskov, Kim Wan, Lana Zaytseva, Eva Zhigalova, Andy Wild

Gallery A3, Starokonyushenny lane., 39 (Moscow, Russia)
24.11.2016 – 04.12.2016

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