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Philippe Pastor at “Rencontre de Maîtres” collective exhibition

De Jonckheere Gallery, Monaco

A new collective exhibition, “Rencontre de Maîtres” will be held at the De Jonckheere Gallery in Monaco, from November 22 nd to November 31 st, featuring a selection of Philippe Pastor most famous abstract painting, the “Bleu Monochrome” series.

Philippe Pastor, «Blue Monochrome» (14 089 BM), 200x 400 cm, 2014, mixed medias and natural pigments. Photo: François Fernandez

The “Blue Monochrome” series explore sea abysses and raise the very topical theme of water pollution. Through surfaces irradiated by a colour symbol of harmony and tranquillity Philippe Pastor reveals new spaces both mystical and linked to a sad reality.

These powerful works highlight one of the most important environmental issues nowadays.

Philippe Pastor, «The Burned Trees», Château des Marres, Gulf of de Saint-Tropez, permanent exhibition, summer 2018. Photo: Christine Cadoni

Philippe Pastor’s “Burned Trees” sculpture is also on show in the South of France this winter. If you have planned to visit Saint-Tropez, don’t miss the colourful installation of this totem trees, on view at the Château des Marres, in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

Through “The Burned Trees” sculpture project, Philippe Pastor invites the viewer to become aware of deforestation consequences. The exhibition challenges us to see the world differently, and questions our complex relationship with the landscape. The origin of this work dates back to 2003. Enraged by the forest fires of Massif des Maures, on the Mediterranean coast, Philippe Pastor began “The Burned Trees” sculpture series, using the region’s scorched tree trunks. These sculptures have become a symbol of the fight against deforestation and can be found exhibited throughout the world, from New York to Singapore, including the Nairobi headquarters of the United Nations, where Pastor extends his commitment to nature through his support and participation to the Campaign “Plant for the Planet”. On this occasion, he created the Art & Environnement Association to support environmental campaign through artistic project and field actions.

Philippe Pastor is represented by De Jonckheere and some of his recent works are on show at the Monaco gallery.

Philippe Pastor was born in 1961 in Monaco.
He works between Monaco and Spain.

Committed to environment, Philippe Pastor has developed through his work a personalized vision of Nature, translating Man’s interaction with the planet. Using living matter, its transformation through time and immediate surroundings, combining soil, pigments, minerals and plants of all kinds, Philippe Pastor represents his vision of life, environmental destruction and Man’s involvement in society.

Since 1990 his work has been recognized with two biennale of Venice and has been shown around the world. He is the official artist of the Monaco Pavilion at the Universal Exposition EXPO Milano 2015.

Philippe Pastor Official Website

Philippe Pastor, detail, «The Burned Trees», Château des Marres, Gulf of de Saint-Tropez, permanent exhibition, summer 2018. Photo: Christine Cadoni

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