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Personal exhibition by Riccardo Matlakas “HeadInsideout”.

From 25 August to 18 October 2019 in the new Museum: Lighthouse in the Woods in Wanju, South Korea. New exhibition season with a solo exhibition by Riccardo Matlakas. The exhibition offers an important group of works from the aryist: ten oils on canvas and 4 mosaics, also of large format, and a hundred photographs that testify to the continuous and fruitful dialogue between painting and performance in the contemporary world. Among the few Italian artists of the world stature, Matlakas and his work are still awaiting an adequate reading and dissemination, despite Matlakas is particularly popular in many counries still at a very young age. Matlakas’s painting represents a rich and personal version of the urban world and current society, its performance recovers primordial values ​​and at the same time enriches the international performative panorama.

Melting Borders In South Korea border with North Korea photo by Kwon Young

The incessant progression of his research leads him to the highest period, bringing him closer to artists such as Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Roy Liechtenstein, but also artists such as Joseph Beuys for his antropological research connected to art and society. The virtuoso talent of Riccardo Matlakas that ranges from pictorial art to performative art finds no pause and the artist assiduously committed to the growth of society and humanity declares that art is a spiritual issue and that it is very important in every society of every country, especially in our current time. Each work originates from an obscure urgency, moves from within the transmutations of the material and the body without design obsessions but with spontaneous ability to draw strength from the precarious signs of life, so that art can be – as always happens in Matlakas – provisional exercise of a poetic knowledge destined to last. Riccardo Matlakas attended the University of fine arts in Naples, in the sculpture department of Ciriaco Campus and studied at the Oxford Brookes University with Shelley Sacks former collaborator of Joseph Beuys.

In 2010 Matlakas participates in the Moscow biennial for young artists and then at the Gwangju Biennial in South Korea where on several occasions the artist has managed to fit in so as to be invited to create performances on the border with North Korea, in PyeonChang Olympic Games in 2018. Riccardo Matlakas’s solo show is an event not to be missed, permanent in the history of this talented young traveling artist.

Woods Museum in Soyang

The exhibition is open every day from 9 am to 9 pm at the “Lighthouse” in the Woods Museum in Soyang, Wanju-Gu South Korea.

Riccardo Matlakas

Riccardo Attanasio image # 2 2017 A cellular Transformation 100x100cm oil on canvas

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