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Patrick Morarescu at Marrakech Biennale

PERFORMERS & PERFORMING GROUNDS by Patrick Morarescu will be presented at the 6th Marakech Biennale / Parallel Projects (L’Blassa building) February 24th – May 8th.



Embracing cultures, transcending borders, bringing souls close to each other, adopting divergences and convergences, changing the world to present it more vividly, sassy, timeless. That is the contemporary artistic gesture. There is a use, a voice raised with modest and masterly ambition to bring people together, beyond differences, times, fantasies and resentments. But putting art at the service of people is also tantamount to accompanying people towards art. Art is to be questioned, experienced, and encountered. Art must be narrated and explained, patiently, tirelessly, so as to bestow upon every look enough scope to be affected or even shaken. We are inviting to this intimate and collective experience at the 6th edition of Marrakech Biennale, at the very spot where the East, Europe and Africa will intertwine. The very place where novelty is no longer placed under the wings of the West.

Mohamed Amine Kabbaj
Executive President of Marrakech Biennale 6


The photographic series Performing Grounds shows accidental and random traces of human actions found in public and private spaces, architectures and places that once were alive and now are silent.

The echo of the actions persists in future moments and the space alteration becomes the documentation of human performance, the photography being in turn a document of the document, a dimming reverberation of a time that will never return.

One of the strongest fate of human condition, the expiring of existence, is made evident through the landscapes, as they would be “leftovers”; residues imbued with the melancholy of the accidental.

The Performing Grounds were taken between 2007 and 2015 in: Germany, Finland, Scotland, Spain, France, Romania, Jordan, Syria, Japan, Taiwan, Morocco, China and Cameroon.


Marrakech (PERFORMING GROUNDS series) by Patrick Morarescu
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