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PATIOO by Camilla & Firouz FarmanFarmaian

Taking experiential art to the South of Spain.

17 Sep – 17 Dec 2020
VERNISSAGE : 17 September 2020 I 19-22H
Plaza Mayor 7, PN, Sotogrande, Spain

Nouvelle Vague ArtSpaces, the creative platform we established in Marbella two years ago has set itself the mission to focus and give a voice to emerging artists. After opening and curating a dozen shows, developing art residencies and collaborative experiments locally and worldwide we thought it was high time to set out and explore new routes in order to navigate different dynamics.

We are today both thrilled to announce the opening of PATIOO in Sotogrande, South of Spain. As a contemporary art gallery set at the heart of one of the most exclusive private resorts in the world, it will showcase established international artists via a by-appointment private viewing room : a  monoroom specializing in site-specific art projects related to conceptual, light and cinematic art.  We here set out to state that Post-Conceptual is Chic.

Dynamics of Decentralization

The new abnormal imposes a reshuffled worldview that  solidifies around the idea of decentralization. Mobility has become a central issue for art lovers, collectors and art dealers around the globe that has given way to the rise of digital sales as Artnet’s 50% increase in recent auction sales tends to prove. We will be present – as we have successfully over the first lockdown-  via our multiple VR viewing rooms. But on the other hand it creates a novel dynamic : it will allow us to build lives in our summer and secondary homes, progressively moving central activities out of our cities. To bring art back to the physical level we plan to unpackage a variety of flavors, sur mesure.

PATIOO will launch September 17th deploying the video+light work of Norwegeian- NYC based artist Anne Katrine Senstad that has created a unique  site-specific video installation alongside a signature light sculpture calibrated for the occasion.

The Sensory Chamber III, 2020, 1920×1080 HD video, 137.09 min loop, Sound by JG Thirlwell, Video projection into a bath of salt. Scale: variable, Edition of 6


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