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Pangea – Long-durational performance documentary

Kickstarter Campaign

One year ago, NEON and Marina Abramovic Institute are partnered to present NEON + MAI As One at Benaki Museum in Athens. Thodoris Trampas participated along with 28 other artists, with the long-durational performance, Pangea, for eight hours each day throughout all seven weeks of the project.

During the performance, the idea to record this work in the form of documentary came up along with the need to daily record all interactions taking place with the performance as a journal.

At the moment, more than 400 hours of raw material have been collected including the lifespan and progress of the work, people’s reactions as well as face-to-face interviews with MAI members.

The plan is to create a visual documentary about long-durational performance aiming to make it more accessible and comprehensible to the public.

Commissioned and produced by NEON + MAI, Thodoris Trampas, Pangea on the occasion of AS ONE, Benaki Museum, Athens, 10 March – 24 April 2016, Photography by Panos Kokkinias

We need your help to bring this documentary to life. The money we raise on Kickstarter will fund the additional post-production editing needed to finish the documentary as well as support further dissemination activities of the documentary in other art exhibitions and festivals.

Last but not least, the documentary has already been selected participate in the XI Florence Biennale, the major contemporary art exhibition in Florence, Italy in October 2017.

We can’t do this without you and will be so honored if you help bring this documentary to life. Please share this with your friends and help us make performance art it more accessible and comprehensible to the public.

Thodoris Trampas is a visual and performing artist born in Devonport, Australia. He comes from Serres, Greece. In 2015 he graduated with honors from the Athens School of Fine Arts. During his studies he worked closely with distinguished professors like Giannis Psychopedis and exposed himself to multimedia, photography, design and engraving coursework. He also participated in a three year experiential training regarding performance. At the moment, he lives in Athens, dealing mainly with painting which has led him to bodily expression through improvisation, site-specific installation and performance. His work has been selected by MAI (Marina Abramovic Institute), NEON (Organization of Culture and Development) and other international exhibitions and festivals in India, Tokyo, Egypt and England.

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