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Paint & Tar | Alan Neider

543 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair NJ 07042
Alan Neider Paint & Tar Solo Show September 29th thru October 21st
Opening Reception September 29th 7-10pm
Artist Talk October 13th

Montclair, NJ (Aug, 2018)

Gallery L is thrilled to have Alan Neider as the first solo show with “Paint & Tar”, filling up the gallery space. Alan is also creating a site specific art installation that will take over the front glass window boxes. This will truly immerse anyone who walks in and they will feel like they are inside Alan’s work.

“Paint & Tar” will kick off with an opening reception on Saturday September 29th from 7-10pm. Alan will be back at Gallery L on Saturday October 13th for an Artist Talk. The exhibit runs from September 29th thru October 21st. Fitting in perfectly with the Montclair Art Walk held on October 19th from 6-9pm.

The beginning of the “Paint & Tar” series follows the IKEA Paintings, where Alan really pushed the boundaries of what constitutes as a “painting”. He used IKEA shopping bags and non-traditional materials to explore how paint in various viscosities would react to sewn fabrics. “Paint & Tar” has a similarity in term of construction, sewn fabrics into moving blankets, and the application of paint. A key difference with “Paint & Tar” is that the moving blankets are sewn together vertically rather than horizontally. “I work on the ten paintings at the same time that is I finish each stage in the process before moving on to the next. The final Tar layer is begun when the painting process is completed. I am sewing a combination of burlap material with used coffee bean bags from around the world found on eBay and stores in the New Haven area. The bags are made from a variety of materials, have markings related to shipping as well as the country of origin and color logs printed on them”.

The burlap/bean bag layer, containing large and small holes, rips and tears are sewn together then stained with a water based asphalt. The staining lends a deep brown patina to some of the material while others resist the stain. The result is a layer of mixed intensities. The rips and holes reveal parts of the painting, fabric and textures found on the form below. While at the Armory Fair last year, Alan came across artist, Ibrahim Mahama from Ghana. He became highly influenced by his work and the top layer is directly related to this interest. “Covering up images and exposing small parts of a work have impressed me for a long time. I appreciate this concept since it makes the viewer want to see what is beneath the big color splotch. “Paint & Tar” leaves the viewer wanting to see more”.

Alan Neider was born in Norfolk, VA. He was highly influenced by his grandparents. His grandfather, when not doing sewing/tailoring was constantly painting the interior and exterior of their house. His grandmother was involved in number painting and crafts that fascinated a very young Neider.
He graduated from California State University-Long Beach in Ceramics. He received an MFA in Sculpture from Washington University in St. Louis. While in graduate school, he received a Robert Rauschenberg Work Grant. Neider worked as medical illustrator for five years before moving to Chicago where he continued his painting practice while completing several large scale public art works.
Moving to the east coast the output and scale of his work was smaller as he earned a living in commercial illustration. As time progressed the illustration took a back seat to his 3-dimensional paintings. His art has from the beginning been about creating difficult and challenging surfaces and forms to paint on and into.

Alan Neider’s Website Gallery L
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