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«Ouroboros»: JART Gallery is opening an exhibition of urban art

JART Gallery, Art Residence, 3 Str. Yamskogo Polya, 9, A115
3- 26 September, 2021

On September 2, JART Gallery is opening a site-specific art exhibition «Ouroboros», presenting the most unexpected line-up of artists – from very young to masters of Russian art. Art-critic and art historian Sergey Khachaturov became the curator of the project. Especially for the exhibition participating artists created artworks which will be placed on the territory of Art Residence residential compleх.

The word “Ourobor” (or «juroboros”), coming from a combination of two ancient Greek words translated as “tail” and “food”, is one of the oldest symbols known to humanity – a snake biting its tail. The symbol, originating from Ancient Egypt, existed in Greece and Byzantium, was known to alchemists of the Middle Ages, as well as Renaissance and Baroque scientists and the followers of Masonic teachings.

Evgenia Dudnikova

In our project, we are guided by the idea that any mysterious symbol or emblem exists thanks to the context of its interpretations. We invited a team of artists. Each of them creates not a monument to the emblem, which is shown very well in multiple books on Baroque, but rather a situation on the topic: what happened to the fragment of the Universe where Ouroboros appeared, which context it gave rise to. The context may be presented by block buildings (Andrey Syaylev), archetypes of avant-garde utopia (Elena Elagina, Igor Makarevich), park amusements (Ekaterina Gerasimenko), urban street-art (Vlad Maltsev), rock painting (Timofey Karaffa-Korbut). In general, a laboratory is being created. And everyone in it is busy looking for their own tail of circulating ideas, – Sergey Khachaturov commented.

Andrey Syaylev

Participating artists: Vasily Anufriev, Ekaterina Gerasimenko, Evgenia Dudnikova, EliKuka, Timofey Karaffa-Korbut and Grigory Mumrikov, Vladimir Kartashov, Irina Korina, Alexey Q.jay, Anna Lapshinova, Vlad Maltsev, Igor Makarevich and Elena Elagina, MishMash, Tanya Pioniker, Pavel Pepperstein and Sonya Stereostyrski, Andrey Syaylev.

At COSMOSCOW, the gallery will present the eponymous project, continuing the tradition of 2020, when JART won the title of the best stand for the preview of its forest exhibition “CHA SCHA.” The gallery’s stand in 2021 will be designed by the MishMash group, artists of the year at COSMOSCOW 2019. MishMash on the stand: “Everything moves, everything rotates, everything is absorbed and turns inside out. A banquet table that eats itself. An exhibition podium that shows itself. A meeting table for conversations that never end. The festively covered food chain of the contemporary art market».

«Ouroboros» project continues JART Gallery’s exhibition strategy, demonstrating synthesis of contemporary art and the environment, which symbolically links art in the gallery space and objects on the territory of the residential complex.

Vasily Anufriev

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