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ORODE’ AND MATLAKAS radiant thunder in Chartres, France.

Orode’ Deoro eclectic artist, with his atelier based in Milan is now a resident artist at the city of Charters in collaboration with the Association “Les 3R” with final Exhibition curated by the world-wide renown architect and designer Fabio Novembre.

Orode’ for his Solo Exhibition at Casa Milan with Director Marco Amato, 2017

During his stay, Orode’ will create a new series of mosaics.

Locals and art professionals will have the opportunity to see his work live which vibrantly penetrates the consciousness of the viewer and the curiosity about his technical ability to merge a traditional form and transform it into contemporary art.

Riccardo Matlakas and Orode’ Deoro in occasion of Matlakas’ solo exhibition at Castel dell’ Ovo in Naples. Artperformingfestival, 2016

Orode’ is not only a mosaic artist but also a painter and a great poet.

The artist developed a rare-unique technique of hand-cut ceramic tiles usually on wooden board.

He often says that mosaic is not considered enough in the art world and that it’s now time to let it shine. Orode’ is working to make mosaic alive again and make audience re-consider it for it’s great power and beauty.

Matlakas and Orode’ in occasion of _the Change_ at PAN, Naples with Matlakas’ work, curated by Palomart

There is also other artists who were taught by Orode’ his precious technique and those are: Dario Dieci and Riccardo Matlakas who are bringing forward the idea of Mosaic as an eco-friendly art technique in connection with key elements of contemporary art.

In 2009 Orode’ Deoro met Riccardo Matlakas and since then they have been influencing each other in many ways and finally they will be working together, once again at the final exhibition in Charters on June 17th, 2017, which will see two performance works by The international artist Riccardo Matlakas: the Palestine-conceived, “Sweet Thorn” and the Russian-Conceived “Idem Quod”.

6.1 Sweet Thorn, Matlakas, ssud africa, photo by Thakira Desai

Riccardo Matlakas is an artist working with the media of Painting, performance, conceptual ideas and participatory practice, his work is also influenced by many dance practices including Body-weather, contact improvisation but also somatic techniques.

The two artists together keep their full identity and still influence each other in many aspects. It’s now time for this art-thunder spreading worldwide with love.

Orode’ began his residency on May 1st and will end in June, 30th.
You can view the opening on June 24, 2017 in Chartres at 3pm
Chapelle Saint Eman, just next to the Cathedral of Chartres.

Orode’ Deoro Fabio Novembre Riccardo Matlakas


Orode’ in His studio with his mosaic work, Milan, 2017


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