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Organa Fatal x Hybrid Moments

Sebastian Gatz

ORGANA FATALis a spatial-acoustic sculpture, in the form of a synthetic organ – rendered as a reinterpretation of an ecclesiastical triptych. It plays with the notion of a posthuman afterlife, activating its surrounding space through a kinetic performance. Through the interpretation of sound, sensed in the space, and eigen-noise detection, a set of fans activate iridescent inflatable skins and artificial hair. The organic movement creates a playful dialog with space and inhabitants – but forcing them to make room for the organ’s automata.

The sculptures are shown in relation to three weavings from the series HYBRID MOMENTS.
The weavings from the series “Hybrid Moments” are based on a medical data set of the human body. They investigate the metaphorical transitioning from alive to dead through the exploration of digital flesh landscapes. The spatial remapping of the human body – from a complex mathematical three-dimensional section to a two-dimensional plane – is based on computational fabric simulations. The digital fabric shares the space with a digital body.
The weavings are conceptually reimagining the old tradition of burial shrouds.
Exhibited in the BWERK exhibition space at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen, 1st of June 2018 to end of July.

Sebastian Gatz
is an architect, artist and trained car mechanic, working and teaching at the intersection of art and science – currently at his Alma Mater, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. His work explores the relationship of art, architecture, technology and fiction. He worked, taught and exhibited in Germany, Portugal, the United States and Denmark.

Sebastian Gatz

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