news, opening, performance ORAL RINSE 2 | Saturday the 26th of November, 7-9.30pm

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Waterloo Action Center, 4 Baylis Road, SE1 7AA, London, UK.


For this event we are proud to present:
Amelia Barratt with Rosie Ridgway
Crispin Best
Hazel Brill
Jude Browning
Gery Georgieva
Anja Olofgörs
Fani Parali
Sam Simmons

Oral Rinse is a curatorial initiative run by Amelia and Martha Barratt, showcasing work from artists and writers in difference spaces across London through a series of live, one-off performance evenings. Each event poses a different set of conditions and rules, giving the participants the opportunity to respond to the space if desired. The only restriction on the work is that it must be presented vocally.

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