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No Borders | A Journey into Street Art


May 24th – October 31st 2019

The highly anticipated second exhibition of the art season will open May 23rd at PiazzadiSpagna9, the Boutique Hotel and Art Gallery by Stefania Grippo. A collection entitled “No Borders” curated by Raffaella Salato will follow this year’s inaugural show of the award-winning French photographer Muriel Bordier.

Beetroot, “Il confine”, 2019

“No Borders” is a project that brings together three street artists, each with their own distinct style, into a dialogue centered around the universal concept of travel. In this context, travel is examined in terms of discovery, the exploration of unknown realities, a spiritual journey towards a higher knowledge, and as a journey inwards- an intimate investigation in search of oneself. The three leading artists, Beetroot, Giusy Guerriero, and Maupal, will exhibit works that are mostly unpublished- save for two works by Maupaul, dedicated to Pope Francis and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, which have already appeared in the city, earning notarity in the Roman news. These pieces have been designed to blend harmoniously with the space destined to welcome them, while maintaining the unique “street art” qualities that characterize their artistic production and intention, both in terms of their subject matter as well as their featured materials (wood, copper, marble, canvas).

Giusy Guerriero, “Resto sola con me”, 2019

Beetroot exhibits canvases created for the occasion and characterized by the use of the Japanese technique called kintsugi, which repairs broken vases by filling cracks with molten gold, giving new life to what was once broken and lost. The faces portrayed in his works depict individuals of different ages, experiences, ethnicities, and religions. Each face is crossed by rivulets of gold, symbolizing the restored cracks on Japanese vases and suggesting that none of us know our own destiny, but that everyone always has a second chance, regardless of one’s belief or origin. It is the journey, intended as an inner journey, that gives us salvation, the goal of which is the elevation of the spirit (perhaps best summarized by the phrase “Happiness is the way” from Buddhist thought). The work of Giusy Guerriero is more intimate. With her art she investigates the essence of mankind, focusing her expressive research on women in particular. Women are the privileged bearers of the world of emotions, memories, and sensations which, for the artist, silmultaneously provide a refuge from the worries of the world and spark a journey of conscience toward overcoming limits imposed by contemporary society. Giusy’s female figures come to life and color on the most unusual and fascinating mediums, such as copper and marble, enriching themselves with new expressive potential and giving proof of the artist’s technical and versatile ability. Finally, Maupal, who is returning from two important street performances: one in Brussels at the beginning of April, and the other in Rome at the Pincio for the Concert of the Earth. In his works, the journey is above all a critical journey through the complex world of today, with all of its contradictions and problems. With his world famous biting irony, Maupaul scrutinizes current events. In this exhibition, Maupal “the uncomfortable” focuses on some of the world’s most influential people, including Conte, Merkel, and the Pope, and gives us his personal interpretation of the burning social, political, economic and ideological situations we struggle with on a global level.

Visitors will find themselves faced with an unprecedented, stimulating, and varied experience that breaks the boundaries (hence the title “No Borders”) between traditional art and street art, between aesthetic research and the carrier of a social message. The intensity of Beetroot, the feminine touch of Giusy Guerriero, and the brilliant irony of Maupal alternate along the exhibition path in a synthesis of the happiest artistic expression found in traditional museums, fairs, and galleries, but also in the increasingly incisive streets and buildings of metropolitan cities.

Maupal, “Europe”, 2019

The “No Borders” exhibition confirms the variety and vitality of the international art project of PiazzadiSpagna9, a space owned and created by Stefania Grippo, interior designer and art expert. Now a boutique hotel, PiazzadiSpagna9 was originally owned in the early 1800s by the German artist Franz Catel who made the space into one of the most illustrious salons in the capital. Today, the magnificent view of one of the most beautiful squares in Rome is complimented by the refined interior, personally curated and designed by Stefania Grippo, where design, fashion, art, luxury, and craftsmanship combine to offer a one-of-a-kind welcoming experience to the Eternal City. Since 2014, PiazzadiSpagna9 has been a reference point for the cultured and fastidious lover of contemporary art. Each artist is personally selected by Stefania Grippo with an attentive look at international trends to foster a harmonious exchange between the artist’s search for expression and the distinctive location of PIazzadiSpagna9. Consequently, it is not by chance that PiazzadiSpagna9 was recently featured by Vogue Living as one of the seven luxury Italian hotels to visit at least once in your lifetime.


Beetroot (Riccardo Rapone, Roma, 1974) began his career in “street art” in 2009. He began working immediately on his personal project called Picture Crossing, one of a kind in its genre. For this project, he leaves his canvas works on the street to discover their destiny. Anyone is welcome to contribute to them freely and decide the work’s fate, thus participating in the free circulation of art. His experimentation with different materials is visible in his intriguing marriage of stucco and acrylic spray, which are combined and then modeled with a drill to obtain an earthy, multifaceted result. His works have been shown in Rome at the Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, the MAAM, the Metropoliz Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere, in Morandi a Colori at the cultural center Giorgio Morandi, Spin Time Labs, the Red Lab, Macro Roma, Macro Testaccio, La Pelanda, the Guido Reni District, the Museo Fondazione Pistoletto di Biella, the Margutta in Rome, the Graffik Gallery in London, but most importantly, on the walls of Rome, Italy, and Europe.

Giusy Guerriero (Avellino, 1987) started her career as a self-taught painter, researching paintings from the beginning of the sixteenth century to the end of the nineteenth century. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome with a focus in painting (2016). In the first year of her specialization, she won a scholarship as a woodcutter laboratory assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome (2013/2014). The following year, she attended the Facultad de Bellas Artes de Sevilla (Spain), deepening her knowledge of new techniques. She has also participated in numerous collective exhibitions in Italy. In 2016, she collaborated as an assistant to Walid Raad and Felix Schramm on behalf of Fondazione Volume. In 2017, she approached the world of “street art,” alongside artists such as Moby Dick and Andrea Wan, and participated in various urban decoration projects in Rome and elsewhere. She occasionally collaborates with the CT-Group for brands such as Bulgari. Among other experiences, she has also participated in the “ArtInnovation” collective in Innsbruck (Austria). Currently, she teaches Art and Image at primary and secondary schools.

Maupal (Mauro Pallotta, Roma, 1972) after attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, he immediately revealed a talent for drawing and combined this with a clear-cut irony that shines through the concepts of his creations. After years of pictorial experimentation, he shows keen interest in the sculptural potential of steel wool, which he uses as a support for figurations where, at first sight, sketched images recompose themselves with extreme realistic effectiveness in the eyes of the observer. His works have been shown all over the world, mainly in London, Rome, and Miami. From 2014, the year of his first work on the street, SuperPope, he diversified his path, both in the realms of “fine art” and in that of “street art,” in which he is universally recognized as one of the leading members after painting Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth, and Donald Trump. His impressive resume includes exhibitions around the globe in fairs, museums, and galleries, as well as participations in street art works at both institutional and international levels. The world’s leading newspapers have written about him and his works, including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, The Sun, The Times, Le Monde, L’Equipe, Figaro, El Mundo, O Globo, among others. In 2016, the famous ARTNET named him as one of the top thirty most influential street artists in the world, ranking him as number twenty-one.

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