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Nimo Announces New EP Release, “The Gallery, Art At Its Best”…Coming Soon | Heather B Nyce

Nimo is at it again and I’m here to announce the special news on heatherbnyce.com He has given me the pleasure to announce his next EP will be released in early 2016. As of course you remember, I had the pleasure to tell the world when the Chicago-native released his first solo EP that was self-titled back in March 2015. We did heavy promotion and marketing to rebrand Nimo as a solo artist. This was necessary because he was originally in a duo. So, it was important to let the world know that he was an independent artist and it was time to know his name.


Nimo sold the album, which can still be purchased here on heatherbnyce.com for an exclusive $400. Check out the interview I did with him on NyceRadio that explained why his album was more expensive than your average indie artist.

Now, I humbly yet proudly shout to the world that Nimo will be releasing his next EP, “The Gallery, Art At Its Best” in early 2016.Nimo told me during a brief interview about it earlier this week when we sat down in LA, that “this EP is inspired by Jean-Michael Basquiat, the painter.” If you don’t know who he is let me feel you in real quick; Jean-Michel Basquiat born December 22, 1960 died – August 12, 1988 was an American artist, musician, and producer. Basquiat’s art focused on societal conflicts, such as wealth versus poverty, integration versus segregation, and inner versus outer experience.Nimo continues to tell me why he relates his new “Gallery” of music to the young artist from the 70s-80s. “Because of his complexity of art, he spent many years explaining his art to a slew of people. And they still didn’t really understand him until he was dead. So, I’m taking something as complex as the world and my life and explaining it in an easy way…my music. And that’s what makes it art.” Now, that didn’t wrap up my interview with Nimo but I’ll definitely fill you in as it comes closer to date. Before he parted however to his busy schedule, he did let me in on another secret about the upcoming release of this masterpiece. It will be sold still exclusively on heatherbnyce.com but each song will be sold separately and you will be able to scroll through the gallery and determine which piece of artwork you like. Thus, picking your own order of the music you like most. More info to be announced so be sure to keep up with Nimo via social media and always on heatherbnyce.com


Courtesy: Richard Blunt

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