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“Natural Capital” by Maslen & Mehra

7th May – 10th July 2016

Natural Capital

unnamedThe Durbar Hall
Hastings Museum & Art Gallery
Bohemia Road


7th May – 10th July 2016


Maslen & Mehra have responded to a piece in the Hastings Museum Collection and created a new sculpture titled Natural Capital. The 16th century, Maiolica dish by Federigo of Modena is thought to be one of the largest examples of this type of ceramics. It depicts several hunting scenes. Maslen & Mehra take this idea of nature as a resource a step further. They have altered the narrative to reference a system by which natural assets (water, geology, biodiversity, soil, air) and ecosystem services (pollination by insects, recreation, natural flood defences etc..) are given a value. This new work is part of a series which the artists have been researching and developing based on pieces in collections in museums around the world. The sculptures have three themes: Cash, Clash & Climate and have been researched in museums such as the Victoria & Albert and British Museums, London; Mares Museum, Barcelona; the Metropolitan Museum, New York; the Archaeological Museum, the Turkish and Islamic Art Museum, Istanbul; the Asian Museum of Civilization in Singapore and the Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza, Italy. Maslen & Mehra fashion the sculptures from wire, papier-mâché, and archival photo decoupage.


Further examples of pieces in the Cash, Clash & Climate series HERE


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