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Naoko Morisawa Selected for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Public Art Collection 2020

And this is the 3rd time of Japanese artist selected by the Port of Seattle’s 14th year after the last selection. The Port’s Japanese artists collection includes works by Norie Sato (2006) and Paul Horiuchi (1965) in the past. Only two Japanese living artists at the moment. Paul Horiuchi have been well-known to create the Gigantic Mosaic Mural in the Seattle Center.

This year 2020 Seattle Tacoma Airport selected 15 artists in total such as Lauren Boilini,  Jason Hunt, Soo Hong, David Hytone, Jennifer Zwick and Naoko Morisawa etc.

About the artwork:
– Image of Target : Set the Target clearly and focus on it to live life better.
– There are other backgrounds/ mathematical art in presentations for this artwork.
– Image of mysterious number Pi: I tried presenting a never ending number of Pi (3.14xxxxxx) and the mysterious energy in visual art. The line in the artwork shows the continuous number going beyond the wooden board.
– MLB Player pitcher’s Target – Strike Zone etc

Wood is an important component in my art. The life of a tree and the energy in each grain of wood is why I use wood. My artwork is hand-made of thousands of very small slices of natural and oil-dyed wood cut on board. I like to incorporate the patterns in the wood and enhance them with oil-stain. The variety of wood grain is very beautiful and the pattern is never the same. The combinations of natural and oil-stained grains create interesting shadows and impressions. When seen from a distance, my artwork looks like a painting. The details of the work and mosaic technique slowly emerge when the viewer comes closer. By using wood mosaic I can show life and energy.
I am currently developing a new body of work using other materials such as paper, cardboard in addition to wood mosaic art-form, for example such as this work – New Wave Target Forever.

Naoko Morisawa

Naoko Morisawa official Website

New Wave- The Target – Focus on your target, 2020 reworked, 60 x 40 inch
Handcrafted, Oil-stained Wood/ Paper Mosaic Painting, Acrylic, Japanese Paper
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport-Public Art New Collection, Seattle USA

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