exhibition, news, opening My Sex, My Self – Women Artists exploring sexuality and sensuality through self portraits.

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I will not adjust myself to the world. I am adjusted to myselfAnais Nin

halls_gold_teethGold Teeth, Roxana Halls

Fionn Wilson (curator and artist) explains: “My sex, my self is an exploration of sexuality and sensuality from 14 women artists via self portraiture. Oscar Wilde wrote: Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power. Women affirming themselves sexually and claiming ownership of their individual sexuality is a powerful thing. This exhibition is an exuberant and honest celebration and examination of ourselves as sexual beings, in a world where the expression of sexuality as a woman can still be seen as controversial, threatening or even subversive.”

wilson_hungerHunger, Fionn Wilson

Participating Artists:
Anastasia Kashian, Anna Shapiro, Barbara Kroll, Catherine Edmunds, Daniella Bowyer, Eleanor Buffam, Fionn Wilson, Jess De Wahls, Julia Maddison, Roxana Halls, Ruth Lane, Sookie Sirene, Tabitha Knight, Wendy Nelson

nelson_bedroom_nudeBedroom Nude, Wendy Nelson

Photo Release

  • Courtesy: Roxana Halls
My Sex, My Self in BUST magazine


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