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Moving Water • Waterfalls, Rivers, Clouds and Rain

Photographic art book by Mark McAfee Brown

Photographic art book by Mark McAfee Brown

This book features images of rivers, clouds, volcanoes, geysers, multi million dollar fountains, koi, trout and adrenaline junkie kayakers, among many other photogenic subjects. Geographically it is a world wide image tour, featuring photos from Hawaii, Switzerland, Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Idaho, Oregon and Montana, among many others. It features my wise and wonderful wife Karen on the cover, posing as a water nymph behind a waterfall.

This is a large format 12” x 12” book with big high quality color images printed on acid free paper, beautifully designed by myself. All books include an artist’s statement describing the genesis and the why, when, where and how of all of the images. All purchases include a free digital version of the book.

Moving Water

Mark McAfee Brown is an Artist, Photographer and Designer working in the space where fine art and technology marry, merge and multiply. He has spent over 30 years combining traditional media and photography and the last 25 years working digitally on Macintosh computer imaging systems, using a palate of 16.9 million colors, creating images by writing ones and zeroes on rust with magnets and lasers (the behind the screen digital magnetic memory process). Born in New York City, he is now a resident of Mountain View, California.

Mark McAfee Brown
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