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A double Frustration

As revealed by the great success of « les rencontres d’Arles » or the retrospective dedicated to Henri Cartier-Bresson (93.000 and 425.000 visitors respectively), photography is a more and more appreciated art but remains most of the time only visible during public exhibitions. Only few insiders of art galleries can admire the work of talented photographers at home. The fact that only 10% of collectors are less than 40 years old illustrates this hermeticism. (source : Art Collector Report de Larry’s List).
This is all the more regrettable that the photography is by essence made for an easily wide diffusion and many artists would like to go out of the traditional gallery model to give their works a better visibility.
On the other hand, a wealth of amateurs consider contemporary photography to be elitist and hardly accessible.

After Work Ambition #2 – ALEXIS CLERC

Promoting and facilitating access to contemporary photography

Creating a meeting

In view of this statement, Modern Blocks proposes an alternative to the current players in the market of photography by creating a market place and a meeting space between photographers and potential buyers.
Creation of a new place in order to :
– Give photographers a new exhibition space, much more accessible to general public, where they can promote and expose their work to a new community of buyers.
– Provide an adapted solution for a public familiar and sensible with art but unable to find original and affordable creations. This public can now exhibit at home pieces of art he could until then only admire in exhibitions.

Step outside of the overall framework

Contemporary photography, such as we know, is the one represented by galleries, and from well-known photographers with very limited prints. By slightly increasing the amount of prints and by showcasing the creations of other talented photographers, we come to facilitate the access of contemporary photography while fully respecting the artistic work.


Showcasing all the richness of contemporary photography.

Concretely, Modern Blocks is an online platform where photographers can exhibit and sell their creations to a new community of buyers and obtain remuneration for it.
The selection is made by Modern Blocks and its curators in order to guarantee a truly original and exclusive collection. The aestheticism and the singularity of the artistic proposal are the heart of concern of the selection process. The objective is not only to encourage an approach or an artistic movement in particular, but to show in opposite the diversity of the contemporary creation and to collaborate with international artists so as to propose a diversified offer to meet everyone’s sensibility.
It is not just to give photographers an exhibition space but truly to establish strong collaborations with them and to help them to promote their works. This is why Modern Blocks takes over the promotion and highlight of the photographs through communication campaigns, organizes events and establishes many partnerships. The photographers are systematically invited to talk about their works and share their creative statements.
Our photographers particularly appreciate the simplicity of the approach, the service offered and the ability to access a new community of buyers.



The ambition of Modern Blocks is really to « demystify » contemporary photography. This would involve certainly price but also a simple experience that must create a direct connection between the piece of art and the viewers.
On the website the public has access to an rigorous selection of art photographs that can be discovered with great simplicity. Viewers can stop at any photograph to admire in detail and get to know more about the artistic statements of the artist. If they look for a thematic in particular, (nature, black and white, architecture…), they can filter the collection according to their desires.

Photographs displayed are all exclusivities proposed by current photographers and not reprint of older pictures. The collection will constantly evolve to make the public discover and follow the trends of contemporary photography.


Creating your own exhibition

The public has not only access to various artistic proposals ; the photographs are also available in different sizes and finishing options allowing anyone to create one’s own artistic « blocks » and then compose a unique arty interior.

5 sizes and 3 finishing options to personalize according to our needs

Modern Blocks works with prestigious labs of Brussels that are specialized to take the best from each Photograph and have high expertise for big exhibitions in galleries and museums.

An exclusive and evolutive offer

In order to guarantee the buyers the exclusivity of their photographs and at the same time to ensure the value of photographer’s work, the whole collection is in limited edition and only available at Modern Blocks. Each picture is numbered and comes with a unique certificate of authenticity.

4 different editions depending on the number of prints.

Other specificity of Modern Blocks : the « Black Edition ». It consists in ultra rare lots sold on auctions. For these prestigious photographs, buyers can fix their prices and have a very simple experience with auction.

Road to nowhere – ELENA HELFRECHT

History of the project and its founders

« We met 6 years ago and quickly found out common attraction with entrepreneurship. But the question has never been to undertake for the sake of undertaking and we wanted to take the time to build a project we particularly cared about.
This is by looking for a picture for an interior that a statement was clear to us : the market of photography does not offer original artistic creations at affordable price. The decoration retailers propose on one side a large affordable offer but very commercial. On the other side, art galleries present exclusive creations very few people can access.
Knowing a lot of photographers, we knew that there were a lot of very nice artistic proposals but sometimes without deserved appreciation. In other words, there was a public frustrated by the current offer and a community of talented photographers but hardly visible out of traditional art galleries.
Both passionate with contemporary photography for years, we are profoundly convinced of its richness and regret that it only remains accessible to few people. The model that we propose allows to get out of traditional process of galleries to value and push the work of a greater amount of photographers and allow public to admire original artistic creations at home. This is what makes us enthusiastic and this is why we both left our jobs in finance and communication to focus full time on the Modern Blocks project.

Erwan & Corentin


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