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Mitteleuropa by Gino Scagnetti

Mitteleuropa – The history of the Habsburg myth is the story of a culture that lives with particular intensity, in its own peculiarities, the crisis and the transformation of an entire civilization, certainly not only Austrian. It is the story of a civilization that, in the name of its love for the order, discovers the disorder of the world…

Gino Scagnetti

Gino ScagnettiIn spite of his technical studies (Industrial Chemistry) he had always felt a deep interest in literature and the arts. His first exhibition in 1963 (he is 23 year old) launches him on the art scene; he is founder of an Artists Club, organizes a National Painting Prize and participates, with one man exhibitions and in group exhibitions, to the artistic life of the period.(…)

In 2000 the City on Mulhouse and the Italian Consulate invite him to hold an exhibition “Dans le jardin de ma mémoire” a great one man exhibition with ore than 50 works is the result of this invitation. In 2002, he exhibits in Crema, and Rozzano,in 2004 and 2005 at the Journées d’Octobre – Park Expo Mulhouse.
In 2008 he moves to Berlin where he exhibits his works at the Schlesisches Galerie Jazz-Atelier and in various private and public places. (…)

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