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Mayuko Fujino participates in the “Paper Creatures” exhibition at the Jaffa Museum

Museum of Antiquities of Tel Aviv Jaffa (Jaffa Museum) Mifrats Shlomo 10, Israel

Dates: September 9th, 2016 October 29th, 2016
Location: Museum of Antiquities of Tel Aviv Jaffa (Jaffa Museum) Mifrats Shlomo 10, Israel

“Paper Creatures” is curated by Ilan Garibi and showcases 30 paper craft artists from three continents in cluding Mayuko Fujino’s Mutation Waltz, a series of monstrous creatures that represent inner conflicts sometimes experienced in life, which she created in response to the show theme “creatures who live and exist in our heads”.

Fujino is a selftaught papercut artist from Tokyo currently based in New York City. She has been practicing her art since 1999 and takes a new approach to Japanese traditional paper cutout technique by combining it with collage and other materials.
Her works have been exhibited internationally at locations such as SOFA Art Fair New York, Pulse Art Fair Los Angeles, and UAMO Art Festival, Munich, Germany, and featured in a book which introduces 25 of the world’s top papercraft illustrators written and compiled by noted papercraft illustrator Owen Gildersleeve entitled Paper Cut: An Exploration Into the Contemporary World of Papercraft Art and Illustration. She has worked on art commissioned by clients including New York City’s Department of Transportation, Nokia, Panasonic, Condé Nast, and WFMU Radio.

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The duallayered structure of Fujino’s paper cutouts and collages corresponds to her experience of living between the Japanese traditional value of collective orientation and the concept of individualism found in western culture. Using this structure, Fujino creates fantastical narratives based on joy and psychological conflict caused by both drawing and crossing the lines between the self and others. In her fantasy, figures sometimes fly freely, melting into each other or merging with birds and plants, while at other times becoming conjoined to their own inner monsters. All are adorned with glimpses of reality: collage pieces taken from magazine pages featuring landscapes, fabric textures, garden greenery, nude pinups, etc. These images are also a reflection of Fujino’s sense of liberation from the old values and simultaneous loss of her roots as an immigrant. In the world today the difficulties of drawing lines as well as accepting others’ values have become a pressing matter. Fujino’s artwork is a part of this larger story.

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