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Maxwell Rushton: ‘Inside Out’ exhibition and live performance

Maxwell Rushton: ‘Inside Out’ exhibition and live performance, curator James Sirrell.

On the 17th of March 2016 Maxwell Rushton began his residency at Exchange by creating an adapted Rorschach Test with the use of his own blood during a live performance. He will continue adding to the 4 x 2 meter folding canvas until the end of the residency on the 17th of April 2016.

By combining Rorschach’s method of psychoanalysis with human blood Maxwell viscerally confronts us with our subconscious.

“Behind our veneer of respectability we are
as primal as the blood that keeps us alive.”

Maxwell Rushton presents his ‘Inside Out’ exhibition and live art performance, in partnership with Exchange Residency, London.
Film by: Liam Thomson
Music by: Nihilore

Maxwell Rushton was born in 1989 in Swindon, UK. In 2009 he moved to the North, where he worked as a fish monger whilst studying for a BA in Fine Art at Leeds College of Art. Moving to London with 1st Class Honours in 2012 he continued to create art based upon his own relationship with commercial culture, expressing both his rejections and obsessions, and the influences it has on him.

Maxwell identifies an unavoidable spectrum between a world saturated in commercialism and one that on that resits it. His work often imitates a materialistically driven culture in order to stand provocatively close to it.
Maxwell recent solo exhibitions include MMX Gallery (London) and West London Art Factory (London). His work has been shown in group exhibitions such as BCN Art (Barcelona), The Brick Lane Gallery (London) and Hoxton Basement (London).

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