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Maja Spasova monographs

Some time ago, Maja Spasova was hosted in our magazine. Maja is an interdisciplinary artist, preoccupied with performance, installations, as well as more traditional media such as drawing and painting. We had a chance to a closer look at the first aspect of her output. Today, we present two author’s books, which will bring the second face of this talented artist closer to us.

What I was entranced with these two works was a very elegant and sublime way of presenting pieces of art. It was a great joy for me to browse from one page to another, going deeper into the world of the artist and her view on reality. It was an extremely exhausting and positive image of a presentation of an output of one artist. I have an impression that many artists could draw from Spasova in the field how presentation of visual arts can and should look like. We should also give an appraisal to the photographers responsible for pictures to this issue: bildTeam Berlin, Jan Almeren, Neil Goldstein, Christer Lundin, Anibal MErlo, Ulla Nordfors, MArtin Pares, Marie Rosen & BN Reklam & flygfoto.

One of my earliest childhood memories is of lying on my tummy on the floor surrounded by a veritable ocean of sheets of paper and crayons.
I remember drawing as the delight of all delights; an indescribable feeling of bliss.
This is still the case. Days when I don’t draw can easily engender in me a sense of agitation and imbalance. With a pencil in my hand I am in harmony with the world; elated, quite simply…From the artist's text in the monograph 'Maja Spasova, Drawings'
Maja Spasova Website

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