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Maika Kobayashi Solo Exhibition in London

5-26 November 2017

When: 5-26 November 2017 | Sundays 11am – 2pm or by appointment
Where: Shipton Street Gallery | Shipton Street, London, E2 7RZ


I was born in Tokyo on November 10, 1986. I’m a painter and illustrator who uses acrylic to create detailed, realistic and often fantastical images. After graduating from an art academy in March 2009, I embarked on a career as a freelance illustrator. Inspired by my successful exhibition in New York in 2010, I also developed a general interest in painting. These days I pursue both painting and illustration. My paintings have been exhibited across the country. I have also been commissioned by both individuals and companies to paint many pieces, including murals, logo designs, stage and concert backdrops, packaging designs and album and magazine covers. My paintings have even been shown on national television. In recent years, I’ve started exhibiting more abroad and at the same time my motifs have become increasingly traditional: kimonos, temples, etc. I hope to reach people all over the world with my paintings and illustrations, depicting Japanese culture and themes.



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