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Luxembourg Art Prize

The Luxembourg Art Prize is an annual international competition aiming to discover talents, amateur or professional, regardless of age and nationality. The Prize aims to accelerate the careers of unknown artists by providing them with professional art gallery space, first as part of a group exhibition showcasing the nominees for the Prize and then as a solo exhibition for the winner.

To help the winner prepare and create a solo exhibition at the gallery, a grant of 25,000 euros (about 27,493 USD or 20,928 GBP or 27’175 CHF or 36,383 CAD or 2,866,750 JPY) is awarded by the gallery for the 2016 edition of the prize.


All the artists’ expenses are paid by the gallery during the 2016 Luxembourg Art Prize exhibition (transport and insurance for the works of art, air and train tickets and full-board accommodation in a four-star hotel).

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