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The spirit of this little exhibition is to foster the public’s attention to Little Things.
Little Things are rewarding. They are an act of kindness towards our ecosystem, and all living creatures within it. In this case, not only do they help, but they can buy artwork too!
As an incentive to Re-thinking, Re-using and Re-purposing, I am accepting Little Things as a “Payment in Kind(ness)” towards any of 10 of my artworks on sale.
If you are interested in one of my pieces (including any on my website, if available) I will accept any of the following Little Things, for an equivalent of £1 each towards the price of the artwork:
Just take a picture of your Little Thing, tag me on IG (@francesca_busca), FB (@rocksrevamped) or LinkedIn, identify it as #littlethings #paymentinkindness and its number, and I will keep track!
(e.g. on IG: @francesca_busca #littlethings #paymentinkindness 3)

If you already have a specific artwork in mind, I will reserve it for a period of 2 months, at the end of which you will have the choice to 1. leave it, 2. buy it by paying only the reminder of the price, or 3. get it or free, if you have done enough Little Things – and I will happily give it to you, with a big THANK YOU!!!
If you want more time to do it and are open to using it towards any of my artwork, then you can do it throughout the whole of 2018…how does that sound? Ready to give it a try?

And here are the Little Things you can do:
• Use your own glass/stainless steel cup to get takeaway drinks (ditch disposable cups & lids)
• Use your own cutlery instead of disposable plastic ones
• Use your own metal straws instead of plastic ones
• Bring your glass to parties and use it instead of a plastic cup
• Get a bamboo toothbrush (counts as 5 Little Things when you buy it, not when you use it)
• Email your supermarket to ask for plastic-free packaging (each email to a different supermarket counts!)
• Say no to a plastic bag when shopping, and use your own bag instead
• Get a refill for home products and re-use your previous container
• Re-purpose old things in the house (instead of throwing them away and buying new ones)
• Mend instead of replacing (socks, t-shirts, trousers, handbags, pyjamas…)
• Buy/exchange second-hand items (sets and up to 3 clothing items count as 1)
• Use your creativity by doing new sensible, eco-friendly tricks! (counts double)
…share it by word of mouth, social media and best of all: by example!!!
I look forward to hearing from you… this is such an exciting opportunity for me to make a difference. Let’s do it together!!! With LOTS of Little Things 🙂

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Contemporary living is based upon the idea that whatever we need, we buy; everything is made with one very specific purpose, and is discarded once its purpose is fulfilled (even for a one-off use) or at the first sign of wear and tear.

Unfortunately, this is no longer sustainable.

Disposable Living is a luxury we can no longer afford. We are filling the world with rubbish, often made of artificial materials which take an eternity to dissolve. Made to help us live better, they will survive us – and kill us in the process.


Plastic ends up on land and in rivers and oceans, where animals and vegetables assimilate some of it which then enters into our bodies through ingestion.

It suffocates vegetation and animals, slowly but steadily destroying our eco-system.

We cannot burn it, as it would quickly and heavily pollute the air.

If we keep going at this rate, we will ALL be overtaken by our own rubbish.

Am I exaggerating? I truly hope so.  It would likely be the case if we found suitable, sustainable alternatives.  In the meantime, how about we RE-THINK our style of life?

We are ALL part of ONE ecosystem.

How about we RE-USE? Apparently, we are the most intelligent creatures on the Planet. Let us put that brainpower to good use!

Let us appreciate what we have, treat things with the respect they deserve, and use them and RE-USE them creatively, until they really have fully served their purpose.

And even then, let us RE-PURPOSE them! Where and when did we lose the capacity to think with our own minds, and cease to enjoy exploiting our brilliant creativity in everyday life?

This is what this little exhibition is about: stimulating our minds, provoking thoughts, encouraging us to look beyond our individual needs and stretch our vision to the big picture. To understand that every Little Thing helps. If we want to make the world a better place, WE CAN DO IT.

Each and every single one of us, together.

With Little Things.

Francesca Busca

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