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Laino and Ortega share a love of playful, surreal imagery, layered with brilliant color and pattern that seeks to remind the viewer of our fundamental connection to nature and how we experience the world. While Ortega is inspired by her deep and long connection with Mexico and its landscape, Laino looks to different anatomical systems to visually trigger an emotional or psychological link to other things while exploring the mystery of the hidden and the fragility of the exposed.

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  1. Jean Horn Caron says:

    I am someone who knew Polly Stark Ortega’s family many years ago. I was very close to her New York family and and remember her and her sister CC when they were young. I am planning a trip to San Miguel de Allende in February 2019 and would love to make contact. I am trying to connect with her. Is there anyway you could send my message to her. I tried on Facebook today.

    Name: Jean Horn Caron
    email: 86caron@comcast.net

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