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Legendary British Eccentric Artist Andrew Logan and Japanese Performer Architect Hidemi Nishida Coming to Petersburg

They will be speakers at the second session of the international educational project LAKHTA VIEW

Session LAKHTA VIEW: NATURE will be held in the atrium of the House of Books (28, Nevsky Prospect), now a traditional venue for the project, at 6 pm on December 15. It`s topic is interaction between the cultural and natural landscapes in the urban environment and art. It is at the intersections of the two that a new view on urban science and new art forms is being born today. World-renowned experts Andrew Logan, UK, and Hidemi Nishida, Japan, will share their perceptions and interpretations of this current trend. Registration for the upcoming session is open through the official website of LAKHTA VIEW at https://view.lakhta.center/. A live broadcast of the session in the Russian and English languages will be available on the official website.

LAKHTA VIEW: NATURE is the second out of eight events under the international educational project programme aimed at promoting a holistic, innovative view of the future urban development through a cross-disciplinary synthesis of culture, art, science, architecture, design, and technologies. The project was launched in Saint Petersburg in November 2017 under the aegis of the 6th St Petersburg International Cultural Forum, will last until June 2018 and cover the key components of urban space design and filling. The session which coincides, in a logical way, with the closing of the environmental protection year announced in Russia is focused on nature as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for those who create a human-friendly environment. A synergy of the human-made and the natural is an important topic of creative insights for the speakers at the December session of LAKHTA VIEW.

The first speaker is Andrew Logan from the UK, a sculptor, artist, jewellery designer and an ideologue of alternative fashion. Thinking in the same way as Andy Warhol, Vivienne Westwood, Zandra Rhodes, Rei Kawakubo, and Malcolm McLaren, one of the most considerable eccentric artists of our time and someone who does not have a single black piece of clothing in his wardrobe – it is from nature that he draws his artistic optimism. Logan shapes his art world by creatively interpreting natural forms and colours.

Andrew’s premier installation was his own room in Denmark Street where he lived as a student of the Oxford College of Architecture. He reshaped this small space into a blossoming meadow with cotton wool clouds, plastic grass and a papier mache lamp shaped as a gigantic Daffodil. This was followed by a year-long journey in the United States during the flourishing of the hippie movement with their ‘Flower Power’ slogan, which resonated strongly with Logan; endless experiments with the artistic language, and even a visit to Leningrad in 1987, best remembered by the artist for meeting Timur Novikov, Sergey Bugaev-Africa, and Irena Kuksenayte.

Today, the sculptures and artwork jewellery of Andrew Logan are widely known across the world and displayed in the largest British museums, such as Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, the Hayward Gallery, the Royal Academy of Arts, the museums of the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty, namely: Buckland Abbey and Somerset House. The Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture in Berriew, Mid Wales, founded by the artist in 1991, is also open for numerous visitors and creates a special environment.

The second speaker at LAKHTA VIEW: NATURE is coming to Saint Petersburg from Tokyo. Hidemi Nishida, an architect, artist, the founder of his own design studio, uses nature as a background for his artistic rhetoric, and his works reflect the aesthetics and poetry of natural landscapes. A guru of temporary installations, Nishida seeks to expose everyone to his new artistic experience related to the emotional perception of nature. The artist’s most famous work is his most recent project ‘Fragile Chairs’ placed on Lake Poroto (Hokkaido, Japan, 2017). When welcoming the session audience, Hidemi Nishida promised to share his idea of individual perception of the world, which is inherent in his works.

A public discussion between the speakers, the audience and viewers of the event live-streamed online will be traditionally moderated by a Russian subject-matter expert on the session topic. In December, the discussion will be moderated by Andrei Palamarchuk, Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic Russia. The lecture block will be moderated by Olga Buzina, LAKHTA VIEW’s Programme Director, Lakhta Center Manager of Cultural Projects and Communications Director at LAKHTA CENTER.


Admission to LAKHTA VIEW events is free with mandatory preliminary registration. Registration for the second session opens on December 4, 2017 on the official website at http://view.lakhta.center/. The number of seats in the hall is limited. It is possible to see the activities and ask questions from any part of the world. You can watch the events and ask speakers questions from anywhere in the world – sessions will be live-streamed on the LAKHTA VIEW website in Russian and English. English will be the official language of the events (simultaneous interpreting will be organised on-site).

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