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“Le Chant de la Terre” featuring Benoît Trimborn

25 May–23 June 2019

HUGO GALERIE is pleased to present Le Chant de la Terre, a solo exhibition featuring the bucolic tranquility of Benoît Trimborn. The artist celebrates the seasons with each canvas, showcasing their beauty with scenes of unmatched serenity and solitude.

Benoît Trimborn, Grand lac avec modulation rouge, Oil on canvas, 59″ x 94½” (150 x 240cm)

Le Chant de la Terre , or The Song of the Earth in English, is a particularly apropos title for Trimborn’s show as he has previously used music in an analogy to describe his commitment to honestly portraying nature: “the represented elements compose atmospheres whose impression I seek to accurately convey, like the musician, who accurately follows his sheet music.” Indeed, the artist’s diligent deference to the graceful repose of his muse’s forests, fields, and waterways has led some to confuse his paintings with photographs. But Trimborn’s work beckons his audience with a depth irreplicable by a printed image.

Viewing his paintings is transportive, like standing on nature’s threshold—as if with one step, you could find yourself among the foliage or at the water’s edge. They are as immersive as a symphony, surrounding and dulling senses to anything else. He captures light, leaves, and reflections with the resounding respect of a composer regarding the notes of his opus. Trimborn’s canvases are true odes to the unmitigated wonder of our natural environment. His paint reciprocates the Earth’s song and their melodies harmonize seamlessly.


Benoît Trimborn, Canal au brouillard, Oil on canvas, 43″ x 57″ (110 x 145cm)

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