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“Lavender Fields Paintings” Series by Vian Borchert – “In Full Bloom” show

Concept by Priska Juschka
Exhibition Dates: June 30 – August 20, 2021


With Vian Borchert, Jane Fire, Philip Gerstein, Robert Jessel, Mark Kurdziel, Bobbie Moline-Kramer, Robert Solomon, and Martin Weinstein.

Vian Borchert, Lavender Shadows, June 2021, Acrylic on canvas; 30×15 Inches

These latest paintings in a “Lavender Fields’ series” are debuted in the Summer exhibition “In Full Bloom” at Lichtundfire in Manhattan, NYC. In these paintings artist Vian Borchert’s aim was to create artwork that evoke the feelings of happiness and rejuvenation achieved through the love for nature and its abundant beauty and endless bounty that it bestows upon humanity. In these works, V. Borchert delved into the color purple with all its hues. The lavender color has been especially meaningful to her during COVID times since Borchert took on interest in gardening during quarantine by planting lavender in her garden since the plant has aroma-therapeutic benefits along with being a source of relaxation in stressful times. V. Borchert has always been an avid lover of nature. The lavender smell and sight bring back sweet memories of good times along with a sense of calmness and peace. Also, the artist’s aim was to have a birds eye view of the fields as if she was flying above them. Consequently, Borchert’s intention to bring forth the airy quality through the theme and the light hues is to create a lightness not only for the visual senses but for absorbing the flight-like quality of these works. Moreover, the artwork’s titles of paintings on view such as “Lavender Fields Forever” and “Imagine Lavender Fields” allude to the feel-good songs by The Beatles and John Lennon who Borchert admires greatly.

Vian Borchert, Lavender Fields Forever, June 2021, Acrylic on canvas; 30×15 Inches

IN FULL BLOOM refers to both the subject-matter as well as the artists in the exhibition, whose careers, as professional artists, span in some cases over decades – pursued with dedication, focus and love to the necessary detail of their individual practice that makes them stand out among equals.

This exhibition, even though conceptually and visually based on nature, encourages the viewer to look beyond the lushness and riches of the season to a literally common ground we share as humanity – emphasizing a broader, more universal, lateral connectivity.

Lichtundfire: 175 Rivington Street NY NY 10002

Vian Borchertis an award-winning contemporary expressionist artist. V. Borchert has exhibited in many groups and solo exhibitions within the USA and internationally. The National Gallery of Art in Amman, Jordan has her artwork in their permanent collection. Vian is a “Notable Alumni” from the Corcoran College of Art and Design George Washington University, Washington, DC. Vian considers her expressionistic art as visual poems. Borchert exhibits in noted galleries in major world cities such as NYC, LA, and the DC area. Borchert’s art has been featured in numerous press such as The Washington Post, 300 Magazine, Metro Weekly magazine, Art Plugged, The Huffington Post and others. Vian is an art educator teaching fine art classes in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

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