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Joto Deco installations

We would like to present you another art group. Meet Joto Deco team of two artists Jozefien and Thomas creating installations made out of stretch fabrics.

The deco project was born in 2005 in Ghent, Belgium. It consists out of 2 members named Jozefien and Thomas. Nowadays living in the French Alps, between Chambéry (France) and Torino (Italy).

Joto’s first bigger deco setup was made in the summer of 2006. They we’re invited to decorate a full stage on a festival. And the people loved it..Later they became one of the resident deco teams for AM parties in Belgium.

From 2009 Joto created decoration setups for several bigger events in Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands, Hungary, France, … for organisers like Dacru Recs, Artrance Recs, Boom! Recs, Nova’s Incident, Visions of Paradise, Trance Mafia Amsterdam, Roots of Minimal, No Man’s Land, Psylence, Purple Snow, …

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