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Johan Wahlstrom “Collisions”

6/13/19 – 6/30/19

Georges Bergès Gallery is pleased to present “Collisions”, a solo exhibition of new body of paintings by renowned Swedish artist Johan Wahlstrom.

Collisions No2, 60x76in

Wahlstrom often likes to say that he is “a painter who paints everyday life, but everyday life is filled with all of sorts of collisions.” His characteristic faces, a recurring motif in his work, are hidden underneath the layers of paint. The impressionistic palette is a departure from his previous works, with softer washes of ochre and earthen tones suggesting the natural world.

Anxious faces vibrate with primary color from underneath, as if attempting to break free, colliding amongst themselves like atoms, molecules, or ions. Wahlstrom treats his canvas like a vast universe.

Collisions No3, 52x78in

The volcanic eruption of colors is a signal—a visual shock out of complacency, the cacophony of colors a reminder of all the vibrancy of life, including the good, the bad, and the ugly—each painting a microcosm of the infinite number of choices that lay before us in every moment. Collisions are not only between elementary particles, they are also result of infinite human errors. Faces occupy the canvas without any rules, punctuating the composition like raucous party crashers. In a poetic way, Wahlstrom’s paintings have an inner life in this constant tension between unresolved possibilities, creating a gentle awareness of the actions that we will might or might not undertake.

Johan Wahlstrom (b.1959 |Swedish) is a fifth-generation artist. Early on in his career, Wahlstrom worked as a professional musician playing keyboard and touring with rock icons Ian Hunter, Graham Parker, and Mick Ronson. Since taking up painting fulltime, Wahlstrom’s career has flourished. His paintings have been acquired by prestigious private collectors and museum collections. His works have been exhibited since 1998 across Europe and the USA in solo shows and group shows with artists like Andy Warhol, AI Weiwei, Gerhard Richter, Santiago Sierra, Erwin Olaf, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Jake & Dinos Chapman, and David Salle. Wahlstrom live and works in Jersey City.
Wahlstrom’s dark narrative paintings in acrylic and ink are inspired by cryptic and often ironic social critiques. In their simplicity there exists a primal feel, as the work delves deeply into the realm of human emotion.

Johan Wahlstrom official website

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