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Joas Nebe participating in Art Street event in Sacramento, CA, USA.


3rd – 25th february 2017

Downtown Sacramento, California

M5Arts will present the artist´s The DICTIONARY serial: The PROCRASTINATOR

Dictionaries are made for getting the meaning of a word you don´t know. If you are going to consult them, you are willing to communicate with another person or group but you don´t have a clue how to express a phrase, an idea you have in mind or an impression you want to share. That´s the point when you consult your big, fat dictionary (or you switch on your tablet/smart phone/laptop in order to find out what you are about to say to that other person/group/society/gangster in front of you.

(Ok, in most cases if the person in front of you is holding a gun aiming on your head/kidneys/testicles you won´t have time to consult a dictionary/you don´t have a dictionary at hand.)


Joas Nebe, who holds degrees in psychology and literature, is a self taught artist, born in Hamburg but now located in South Germany. After a few years in Berlin he decided two years ago to move south close to the French and Swiss border. The different shades he conjures up haven’t gone unnoticed in the art world, and seem to be on the rise. Paintings of his, touching on the topic of ritual sacrifice are part of the Joop van den Ende Collection in Hamburg and “Philosophical Cartoons” is part of the Collection of DIAF ( = Deutsches Institut für Animationsfilm). Important exhibits include the artist´s “Climate Change Cartoons“ on display on exhibition “Letters from the Sky” which accompanied the Durban UN conference on Climate Change 2011 in South Africa and “Machine Fair”- a film about the mechanical site of a metropolis- shown at Museum of Modern Art, Moscow as part of “Now&After” screening in 2012. Other film works has been shown at 25th Festival Les Instants Video (Biblioteca Alexandrina, Cairo), Videoformes Festival 2014 and 2015, Sustain Our Africa, Madatac 3, 4, 5, 6 Competitive Official International Selection (Madrid), Papy Gyros Nights 2016 Hong Kong/ ART_TECTURE, just to name a few.

Joas Nebe Website

M5ARTS is a new arts initiative in Downtown Sacramento committed to envisioning and creating culturally significant multi-faceted and multidimensional art experiences.

M5ARTS and the Art Hotel project at the historic Jade Apartments presented a temporary series of arts events, which included exhibitions, salons, lectures, film premieres, book debuts, musical performances, and artist receptions. This multi-media initiative has big hopes to extend its programs to new avenues for years to come, enriching the downtown community and helping define Sacramento’s place in the art world. At M5Arts we don’t support the arts – we support artists.

M5ARTS Website
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