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Jérémie Baldocchi at Affordable Art Fair Seoul

Exhibition: Affordable Art Fair Seoul (South Korea)


Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)
281 Euljiro

Private Opening: September 10, 2015

Between 11-13 September 2015 in the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), Seoul’s newest landmark designed by Zaha Hadid, Jeremie Baldocchi, represented by Be & Art Gallery will present his artworks. It is not only one Jérémie’s exhibition in South Korea, his works was also presented in the Iang gallery also in Seoul.

Seoul is a perfect city for an Affordable Art Fair, and they will be South Korea’s first global art fair in the city. With so many different styles of art works – presented by galleries from South Korea, and around the world – they hope to bring a fresh new vibe to the city’s art scene and provide a platform to develop the next generation of art collectors and young artistic talents.

Affordable Art Fair website

GROOVE about Jérémie

Stag night Stag night

Jérémie Baldocchi is a French contemporary painter, born in 1975 in Meaux (France). He tries to involve the viewers to position themselves and think about what the reflection of the outside world causes within them. His main inspirations are foibles, people habits and absurdity of some everyday situations to name a few. These scenes describe little treats and worries bind us by their banalities like the intimacy of a photo album that could be ours. We live in a society inundated by advertising aesthetics, we are becoming slave of the beauty of our sick world and we refuse to see it. This consumer culture and our neuroses repressed are expressed by Jérémie Baldocchi in a fantastic color palette and offset images.


“I want my images through the things that make them attractive at first glance are not. Some love all those and many others hate. This is exactly what fascinates me. The fact that our eyes do not reflect the same world view, things and people. This theme reaches quite the obsession I have for the body, all these deviations, distortions, defects or disproportions fascinate me.
I like the fact that the butcher wraps his piece of meat, dripping with blood and full of fat in a pretty paper, usually in shades roses. How to make “appetizing” which at first sight is not. This is somehow what I try to recreate in my paintings:
The colors are bright, welcoming and warm interiors but the awkwardness of the characters is strongly present.”

Jérémie Baldocchi

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