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Artist Profile: James Paddock

James Paddock & PYLON project anouncement

I have recently been awarded funding from Arts Council England for PYLON a new mixed media installation inspired by experiences of psychosis.

The artwork is about the journey of a psychotic young woman (actress and performance artist, Amber Weyman) who travels on foot, as the psychotic experience unravels. The immersive installation uses moving image and special audio techniques (binaural sound) to convey the Psychotic experience to audiences.

James with blinkers

I wish to contribute to breaking down stigma surrounding mental illness. When people think of psychosis for example, they might imagine an unreality in their minds. So, the idea is of using an art installation is to break down myths and barriers in this area.

I am pleased that Arts Council England recognised those affected by mental illness can create unique and different thoughts or ideas that produces a different type of artwork. A hero of mine Yayoi Kusama who suffers from a form of psychosis and she produces the new because her mind is special or different if you like.

James Paddock – official website


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