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Artist J. Howard has received FOUR Special Recognition Awards in the “13th Annual Color: Bold/Subtle Juried International Art Exhibition” hosted by Upstream People Gallery.

Joy of Light and Life

This international exhibition received approximately 150 art entries from around the world and 31 artists were selected by the juror Laurence Bradshaw, Professor Emeritus of Art & Art History at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA.

Professor Bradshaw states the following about this specially recognized work:

J. HOWARD of Alvin, Texas displays her strong talent as a realist in her work. Of particular note is the work “Joy of Light and Life”. This work captures the fluidity of water as it cascades down a beautiful face and hands which frames the face. The smiling and expression on the face is wonderful and refreshing.

The work “Italian Fruit” is another outstanding use of soft pastels in the photo-realistic presentation.

italianfruitItalian Fruit

Her “Water Celebration” also shows the high level of artistic achievement especially realistically showing the moving subject matter of water.”

Color is important to everything in life, and while a painting’s colors might be what the viewer first notices, there’s a lot more to color than meets the eye. It is up to me to delve beyond recognition of colors and use their inherent qualities towards representing a specific voice.J. Howard
Water Celebration

J. Howard has always been an artist. Her artistic journey began when she was a child in Houston, Texas, showing an early talent for drawing and painting. In junior high and high school, she studied art privately and became an art undergraduate at the University of Houston. In graduate school she studied animated art and the mechanics of visually aided learning while working in the graphics and film industries. She is acclaimed for her vitality of colors, strength of composition and variety of subject matter. She creates vivid animated characteristics in every subject matter. Her talent expands into painting colorful landscapes, vibrant still life, life-like portraits with an amazing understanding of storytelling. Recently, she has come full circle, returning to her love for drawing in soft pastels that have won her honors.

Howard was recently selected as permanent member of the Southern Artist Group, a unique group of diverse talent representing the southern states of the U.S. She was selected to be one of 10 women chosen for a national show at the Custom House Museum in Clarksville, TN entitled “Women Painting Women”. She is the recipient of numerous top awards, including Hunting Art Prize Finalist where she was the sole soft pastelist. Her solo exhibitions in galleries and museums include a one-person retrospective of “A Texas View” in pastel paintings at the Saulsbury Gallery in 2017 and a retrospective of graphic expression in pastels at the Custom House Museum in 2020.

Widely published in books and magazines nationally and internationally, which include Art Reveal, Art Ascent, Art Quench and Pastel Art, J. Howard originals are also represented in many corporate and private collections. Her work ranges in size from small 6×6″ to 36x 50″.

J. HOWARD Website

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