Issue The 36th issue is out now!

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The 36th issue is out now. It features artwork by Kuzma Vostrikov on the cover, inside you’ll find the interview with Old Bull Lee by Jessica Caveat and presentation of following contemporary artists:

Katarina Balunova (Slovakia), Emily Blackmore (UK/USA), Angeliki Coconi (Greece/Italy), J.W. Cole (Canada), James Green (UK), Hayley Haddad (USA), Makoto Hoshina (UK/Japan), Benjamin Jones (UK), Douglas A. Karson (UK), Tahmina Negmat (UK/Russia), Straiph Wilson (UK), Heidi Wong (Hong Kong/USA), Stéphane Vereecken (Belgium), Kuzma Vostrikov (USA) & Old Bull Lee (USA)

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