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Isa Benn: experiential culturalism, colour, class, sexuality, gender, and magical realism.

I’ve always wanted to go “home”.

The human experience is a lonely one, and so, I love only art that brings us back together.As a woman of colour, as a queer woman, as a woman with asbergers (and synesthete), as an artist, as an immigrant – it is easy for me to get lost in the infinite loneliness that is often forced upon me (us). I aim to make art to reach out.


I don’t necessarily want to bring everyone together, I want to bring to me those who have always wanted to come home. I’ve always wanted to feel safe, as many have. I’ve always wanted to go “home”. I have only ever found home in art – in beautiful moments created, recreated, birthed or witnessed. Fleeting. I have only ever felt at home, at peace, at one when I am alone alone or alone with someone else experiencing some small beauty – even in tragedy. Great art can rock us. Great art reminds us that this is not just a grind. Art reminds us of an infinite, interconnected, morphing, birthing, morbid, aligned and misaligned, plain and simple, complex in it’s black and white, grotesque and euphoric, surreal, real, arresting, haunting experience called life.


Twenty-six year old award winning Screenwriter, Playwright, Filmmaker and Multimedia Visual Artist Isa Benn is currently based out of Toronto, Canada. She is a first generation, Toronto native of African-Canadian and Caribbean-Canadian descent. With several highly visual-sensory ‘handicaps’, including synesthesia and or ideasthesia, she has parlayed these long-time impediments into an extraordinary understanding of visceral-visual language and expression. Her stylistically introspective work deals predominantly with experiential culturalism, colour, class, sexuality, gender, and magical realism.

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