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INTO THE LIGHT: Cascione & Lusciov


The fundamental idea of this series is an artist’s impression on the relationship which exists between space and time in relation to the futuristic dimension. The sculptures represent the formal translation of the two components, which evolve and transform with time.

Cascione & Lusciov translated the immateriality of space and time into the pure and abstract form. which transmits the sensation of projection forward towards an unknown and abstract future, to the edge of the universe. The futuristic forms evolve in one direction. which represents the space coordinate and following the curved axis representing the time coordinate, levitating in the dimension without gravity reflecting and irradiating the surrounding light, with an impression, that from one moment to another, they could transform in the flash of glaring light ready for the journey towards hyperspace.

The metal gives materiality to the forms, but at the same time fluidifies the geometries and confers with ambiguous solidity halfway between the solid and liquid state. The artworks are like liquid tunnels, which draw the spectator inside the tunnel of light that flows in the future irradiated with light, making them live the metaphysical experience on the boarders of reality. The sculpture series gains biomorphic characteristics: from the purity and perfection, leading to biomorphic and primordial forms through deformations and elongations, following the natural metamorphosis, which reaches the appearances of a creature that lives in the luminous perfection in another dimension.

The genesis of work starts from the scientific research and study of pure forms and lines that flowing a precise conceptual drawing of the object being conceived in three dimensions. Sketches. drawings, physical and virtual models were exploited to identify the final geometric form in a detailed manner. While the sculptures are futuristic and contemporary in appearance. with their organic and geometric shapes, the artists draw upon an ancient artistic tradition by hand carving and casting them using the lost-wax process. Despite a vast selection of innovative materials available nowadays, the sculptors preffered using bronze, one of the most ancient existing materials. which has extraordinary physical characteristics of alloy invulnerable to the deterioration of time, consenting the
artworks to reach the future immutated.

MODWAX Design & Crafts- Via Felice Casali 26, 20124 Milan

Cascione & Lusciov

Cascione & Lusciov are a multidisciplinary designers, who translate their artistic work using different techniques belonging to the world of sculpture, design and goldsmith’s art. Currently they live and work in Milan, Italy.

Silvia Cascione
was born in Milan, Italy in 1979, she received a BA in Sculpture from Brera Academy of Fine Arts in 2004, afterwards she studied Fashion Design at Politecnico di Milano. From 2003 to 2012 works as a fashion designer for famous italian brands. Between 2011 and 2013 she specialized in goldsmith’s art and wax modeling obtaining different Diplomas from Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana. In 2013 she opened her personal Atelier situated in Milan, where she designs and creates sculptural jewelery.

Roman Lusciov was born in Izhevsk, Russia in 1983 and studied at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania. Subsequently he relocated to Italy and graduated from the European Institute of Design in Milan in 2006. For the last decade Roman Lusciov has successfuly worked in the field of Architecture, Industrial and Interior Design, taking part in various international projects: hotels, stores, yachts, private residences, furniture and products.

From 2014 Cascione & Lusciov started to experiment with different modalities and combined their different creative expertises and techniques to reach a common language, which finds its natural declination in the works of Contemporary Art. In 2016 based on this research the first series of bronze sculptures ‘INTO THE LIGHT’ were born.

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