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INTERVIEW with Joas Nebe

INTERVIEW with Joas Nebe conducted by the curators JOSH RYDER and BARBARA SCOTT on the artist´s OPERA SERIAL in ARTiculAction CNTEMPORARY ART REVIEW out now.

“Joas Nebe´s practice ranges in a wide variety of media, including Sculpture, Painting and Video: his exploration of the perceptual mechanisms and their unexpectedly wide consequences on the act of feeling, draws the viewers into the liminal area in which the usual expressive potential of the single media is hybridized into the consistent unity of his work. … One of the most convincing aspects of Nebe´s practice is the way it accomplishes the difficult task of creating a deep synergy between our limbic parameters and our perceptual categories.”
Josh Ryder and Barbara Scott in: ARTiculAction meets Joas Nebe

The artist interview is about how the artist´s education and interest in psychology, philosophy and drama influenced his work and what are the cinematographic strategies behind his Opera serial that help create a multi-layer experience for the viewer.

“ARTiculAction meets” is a format of the journal on contemporary fine art which introduces artists to readers. The interview is conducted by curator Josh Ryder and curator Barbara Scott.

ARTiculAction Contemporary Art Review, Anniversary Edition, special issue, may 2016, pp.18 – 43

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