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International Contemporary Art Biennale in Romania

Central and Eastern Europe has ist own Contemporary Art Biennale, opened on 19th June in Kunsthaus 7B in Cisnadioara, Transylvania. Under the title „Danube Contemporary 22 – Shapes and personality“ there will be shown until 25th August sculptures, drawings, paintings and photography from female artists from seven Central European Countries.

„With this exhibition we want to show, that Central Europe is one cultural area which is defined by ist diversity“ explains curator and Kunsthaus 7B director Thomas Emmerling. „Every artist is strong in her individual position and rather successfull in their countries. They show different languages and identites, that are creating the holistic system of Central Europe. To transport this idea into the socuety and daily life, we think, a biennial exhibition and gathering of artists, curators, art-critics and collectors offers us the right structure.“

This year the following countries and artists will be represented:
Sorina von Keyserling, Berlin, sculptor
Luise Kloos, Graz, drawings, paintings
Alena Adamikowa, Bratislava, painting
Ljudmila Martinova, Donezk, painting
Boglarka Nagy, Budapest, painting
Veronika Desova, Varna – Glasgow, photography
Irina Epifan, Constanta, photography

„All artists are female, because especially in Central and Eastern Romania, the society is changing, and a society is mostly changing, when the women are changing,“ explains curator Emmerling.

DC Luise Kloos Hinterberger 2021, ink, charcoal and gouache on Fabriano + Mediating the line 2020 acryl on canvas 100 x 100 cm

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