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Intermediate Situation by István Felsmann

„Work” is a word of slavic origin, its original meaning is: pain, agony, suffering, effort.

It is no exaggeration to say that the development of humanity started out thanks to work. The quality and efficiency of work has been continuously changing, since one tries to succeed with less effort, so mostly it is about manufacturing tools that can reduce or cease the physical, demanding quality of work. The very end of this tendency points in the direction of autopoiesis, i.e. self-creation. Like work, the phenomenon of chance and its recording is just as old as mankind. The escalation of the flow of unexpected individual events can vastly influence humanity’s current development and modernization.

Even today, work done by artists is still considered to be an infinitely idealized profession.

Clearly, not without a reason. It cannot be compared to any other occupation or activity. Just as the relation between art and chance is quite special. From an artistic perspective, perhaps one of the oldest significant coincidences might have been the awareness of the cameraobscura phenomenon created by light filtering through a small hole.

Irrespective of eras, the artist utilizes these rays of light coming from the sun during their working process, be it the choosing of the best lightning for a sculpture or the installation of LED panels for a media artwork. In his exhibition titled Intermediate Situation, István Felsmann focuses on the utilization of the Sun and the light rays coming from it as an imaging device.

The so created „solar prints” and the meticulous lego-reliefs, created from tiny pieces, have come about by different methods and processes, however, are linked together by the events’ seemingly causeless, accidental joint occurrence and the attempt on pure abstraction.

István Felsmann (born in Budapest in 1984, lives and works in Budapest) graduated from the University of Fine Arts, Faculty of Painting and Graphic Design in 2013. He took part in several residency programs (in Valencia, Berlin and Salzburg). He was awarded the prestigious Gyula Derkovits Prize between 2014-2015 and 2019, nominated for the Esterházy Art Award twice.

Date: 28th of July – 18th of August, 2020
Opening: 28th of July 7pm
Opening speech by Kristóf Kovács (Gergely Sajnos); Crime Scene Investigator Venue: Telep Gallery

István Felsmann
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