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“Incomplete Keyboard” Ioana Alexandra Niculescu-Aron – Photo Release

Opening: November 11th

A moment, a phase… I chose to exhibit a snapshot of one of the projects I am currently working on. I am a perpetually curious and constantly moving artist, and this shows in my activity. My works are a non-random conglomerate of the objects that surround me, that interest and naturally attract me.

I employ multiple visual arts mediums: painting, but also photography and video. Nevertheless, all these have one thing in common: their observation point, may it be a screen, a lentil, a peep hole. Any of these may be in fact frame, and may be portrayed accordingly: the outline of a shape on canvas. It is a fixed medium, accommodating fewer or more subjects, further or closer. This time around, I decided to distribute the elements, the color, the lines, outside an empty shape. In this case, the emptiness is symbolized by the whiteness of the canvas, taking 19 different forms, placed in the center of each key. This „white” is not only a way of portraying the screen/peep hole, as part of the art since observation phase, but also a metaphor for the speed of globalization. The colors show how the overlapping of the saturated colors generates white. Our eyes are used to seeing millions of saturated tones, one next to each other.

This series of 19 truncated pyramids is called „Incomplete Keyboard”. But I had previously started to talk about emptiness…. The white inside each pyramid symbolizes the absence, which is bound to appear together with the speed I was talking about. Globalization moves people from one country to another and introduces them to new cultures. Through the word „elements” I emphasize the fact that migration leads to loss of cultural authenticity by absorbing „elements” from the other peoples. „Incomplete Keyboard” is a visual solution I was able to identify and use to suggest absence, as the direct result of a culture, divided by the globalization-induced informational bulk. It is a poor but essential language, a contemporary weltanschauung.

Returning home is another way of dealing with the decomposition of traditions that myself I am experiencing, living for longer periods of time in various countries (Italy, France, USA, etc). Therefore, Romania is the place of birth of artistic endeavors, less constrained by the conventional paining rules regarding the employed medium. „Incomplete keyboard” is not only an object made up by 19 pieces, but an infinite field, performance area for a liberated painting act. This painting is gestural, focusing on the relevance of the line and the artist’s instinct. The topic is „the universal word” – the synthesis of an idea, or, better said, the result is a new language, the association of images, letters and emptiness.

Therefore, in November 2016 I exhibit a story made of samples of intentions of picto-poems. I use the line and the color to create letters. The main purpose is to create a visual language using words. Two video scenes, some photographs and an object – a keyboard made by the association of some images, dew letters and a multitude of thoughts, all these witness the creation of this new alphabet


Collage is not only an artistic way of collating heterogeneous elements. I would rather talk about composing an image by patching, by joining totally unusual objects. This image might be a moving one (a video, in this case), or it might as well be any kind of object, a photo or a painting. In any of these cases, to patch generates a broader view of the subject, offering more information in one image. Talking about the heterogeneous elements used, I may name: the building facade, an old, altered, luminous advertising panel, two plaster boards coated with acrylic paint, metallic hinges, the bar on the ground floor, the street vibe. I extend the virtual collage by joining various elements, different as structure, utility, colors, history, that I constantly come around. I build collages every day, and therefore, video and photography are for me very useful and fertile environments.

Ioana Alexandra Niculescu-Aron was born in Bucharest, Romania. She obtained a BA Painting degree at the National University of Arts in Bucharest. Before turning 21, She was awarded with a scholarship at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera Milano and exposed works in over 15 places in Romania, Germany, the United States and Italy. Currently she is studying at HEAR Strasbourg-Mulhouse (Haute école des arts du Rhin), France.

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