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How to Style Your Home Interior with Artwork

Being that your home is your haven, you want it to be as perfect as you can make it, from your furniture to the art pieces you use to decorate it. Each item you have should be strategically positioned to emphasize its unique qualities, aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Arranging your furniture is probably the least complicated part of styling your home. What may be a bit more challenging is how to select the most suitable artwork to blend in with the rest of your design. The art that you choose should not only be a reflection of your personality but must be complementary to the room’s motif. While you may have a unique piece that you love, you should know the proper way to put it on display.
A home that is artfully decorated is appealing to the eyes and reflects the discerning taste of its owner. Read more about starting your own collection below.

Selecting your art pieces

Art pieces can be costly, but you can always find those that fit perfectly into your price range. Selecting the perfect one does not necessarily mean that it should be the most expensive in the market, and learning to appreciate art does not mean pursuing artists who have already found worldwide acclaim.

Contemporary and emerging artists represent an incredibly exciting community for any collector – whether they are seasoned or just starting out – to explore. You can utilise online platforms for emerging artists, such as SEAM Agency, who seek to bring new, creative talent to the fore and enable you to buy their art online.

The pieces you choose should be those that you connect with. As you make your choice, you will undoubtedly find pieces that elicit certain emotions from you. These are the ones that you should consider because you are drawn to them in a personal way. Your home is your personal space, and you want to have things around you that make you happy. At the same time, you should also consider how it would look like in the room. You have a theme, and you should go with a piece that is both personal and complementary to your design.

The colour of the artwork

Another essential factor in creating an artful home design is the colour of the artwork you choose. It does not have to match your colour scheme. Mixing interior colours can create the contrast the room needs to feel vibrant and full of life. In this regard, opt for shades that enhance the room rather than overwhelm it. By picking out the right colours, your interior can be transformed into everything you imagined it to be.

The size

Study the wall where you plan to hang your piece. If your wall is wide, you may imagine that your only alternative would be to decorate it with a larger-scale art piece. However, you have other options. You can have several small pieces grouped strategically. To make them complement each other, you can hang them with matching frames.

Consider the theme and colour scheme of the pieces, as they should also work in harmony. There should also be a certain distance between your furniture and artwork. Keep in mind that your art pieces should always be at eye level when you position them on your wall.

By carefully picking out your artwork and positioning them correctly, your home interior will be a work of art in itself and a place you can be proud to show off.

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