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Houda Bakkali’s AR conquers Paris

Paris has been the setting for the 27th edition of the ArtShopping contemporary art fair. An event that has brought together artists from all over the world on the first art salon after a lockdown in France.

For this event, Houda Bakkali has exhibited the series “Crazy Heart”. This artwork is inspired by nature and is centred on the figure of women: rebellious, passionate and romantic. A voluptuous, intense and fun series full of sensual tones. The three pieces are based on mixed media, animation and augmented reality.

The augmented reality version of the work has filled some of the most emblematic places of one of the cities with the greatest artistic legacy with colour and fantasy. A perfect fusion between architecture and digital art that have been the brushstroke of hope and colour. A tribute to life after the lockdown. Art to save the world.

“Crazy Heart” is the part of the series by Houda Bakkali which is connected with the urban infrastructure of many places, as before Monte Carlo or Barcelona. The artist uses the Augmented Reality method to show pop-art pictures in time and space. The artist is interested in the spirit of joy and passion of modern women, she likes sharp contrasts and intensive colours.

Houda Bakkali @Instagram

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