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Houda Bakkali has been awarded with the Excellent Award for the Circle Foundation For The Arts (Lyon, France 2019) and has been selected as DISTINGUISHED ARTIST by ArtAscent International Magazine in Canada.

The winner artwork is “Sensuality”, one of the illustration of the series Beautiful African Woman. This international competition had 863 participating artists from around the world and 50 selecting Excellence Winners.

Houda is a Spanish visual artist of Moroccan origin. She is expert in digital communication and online marketing, with more than 10 years of experience in the sector, Likewise she worked in print and graphic publishing, one of her great passions.

Her first visual work dates back to 2008, when he published the series “Africa sweet and pop”, a colorful, optimistic and full of hope tribute to her origins. Houda grew up in the Lavapiés neighborhood, one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural neighborhoods in Madrid, a place that the artist always associate with her passion and motivation for art.

Currently, she has her creative studio in Barcelona, a city in where she has exhibited some of her works from the series “Beautiful African Woman” at the renowned ClubNauart last year. This was a successful opportunity to show an artwork which has been internationally recognized with different awards, including the Graphis Silver Award, one of the most prestigious international publisher of communication, design, advertising and illustration books. Based in New York, is considered one of the greatest bastions of design and contemporary art. Since 1944 has been selecting and awarding the best artistic works worldwide.

The series, “Beautiful African Woman” is based on digital illustration, inspired on the pop art style and dedicate to memory of the mother’s artist. This artwork is a tribute to the African and Arab women and wants to convey a message to women so that they feel free. Free to fight for the idea that each woman is unique and extraordinarily strong. Free to fight without afraid. Not afraid of failure, there is no absolute failure. A very personal work thanks to which Houda won the New Talent Prize of the International Festival Artiste du Monde in Cannes, 2018. An event with more than 100 artist and 10.000 which was created in 2011 under the sponsorship of Marina Picasso.

Houda Bakkali has exhibited in Paris, Madrid, Cannes, Barcelona…, and her work, techniques and creative process has been recognized by different institutions such as the General Spanish Consulate in New York, and by different international magazines such as Viceversa Magazine, publication which covers various cultural topics by Latinx writers in New York or James Magazine, the luxury Italian website, among others.

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