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Houda Bakkali presents her new series at the legendary “Louise Se Va” in Barcelona

“Deadly Sins”, the new Houda Bakkali’s series, has been presented in an exclusive event in the legendary restaurant Louise Se Va in Barcelona. The work is based on seven unique pieces and mixed media technique.

“It is a pleasure to present my new series at Louise Se Va, a unique and iconic space in Barcelona. Art and gastronomy are two of my great passions, I have the opportunity to show my work in such a mythical space, which has been the meeting point for friends for years, it is a privilege. It is the first time that I exhibit “Deadly Sins”, the choice of this space has not been arbitrary. I wanted it to be among friends and in an environment where mimesis with my work was total. The atmosphere full of energy, history and legends of Louise Se Va, are the perfect place to show the world this series.”

Louise Se Va pub was opened in 2000 in the emblematic Barcelona neighborhood of Horta. It was born inspired by the song “Louie, Louie” by the American Richard Berry. Louise Se Va stands out for its rockabilly atmosphere, its urban style, its informal cuisine and its rock’n’roll music. Despite its rock essence, Louise Se Va is an open space for all kinds of styles and people, a classic with an ever-young soul that knows how to connect with different generations and offer the perfect rhythm and flavors for all audiences.

Louise Se Va, once again, shows its commitment to culture, one of its hallmarks, since this space has always been committed to art, exhibitions and live concerts, turning its legendary walls into the best stage for sharing and enjoy art.

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