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Houda Bakkali, Graphis Silver Award in New York

The international visual artist Houda Bakkali, has been awarded with the Silver Graphis Award 2020 for the illustration Freedom. Likewise this artwork has been chosen for the American Illustration 39, both distinctions in New York.

The artwork “Freedom” is a tribute to the woman. A tribute to her power, her beauty, her intelligence, her dynamism, her transgressive spirit, her passion for freedom, her rebellious nature, her subtlety, her desire to conquer the world, her attachment to happiness, her enthusiasm, her passion for life and her solidarity. This is a tribute to each woman who fought in the anonymity for freedom and equality.

The Bakkali’s artwork has been exhibited worldwide and her techniques and creative process have been recognised by different institutions and international magazines. She has been exhibited in Paris, Madrid, Cannes, Barcelona, Lorca, Córdoba, Biarritz…, and her work, techniques and creative process has been recognised by different institutions and international magazines.

Likewise, she has been honoured with awards from the American Illustration 38 (NY), Graphis Awards (NY), Creative Quarterly Journal (NY), London International Creative Competition (London), New Talent Artist of the World (Cannes), etc.

Houda Bakkali official website

Houda Bakkali – Email: hi [at] hbakkali.es

INSTAGRAM: @hbakkali_
TWITTER: @HBakkali_

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