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Houda Bakkali, Beyond Deadly Sins

Houda Bakkali starts 2022 presenting her new series “Deadly Sins”. A rebellious, incisive and provocative series, but at the same time, festive and strong, like the artist herself. Although Bakkali’s work is linked to concepts such as happiness and beauty, she also confesses that her personal story has not always been “la dolce vita”. She uses art has as a tool to transform the negative into artworks that invite hope. Bakkali values freedom above all else and she loves to create and share art to make others happy.

With a long career as a creative, her work has been widely recognized and awarded throughout the world. Her particular vision of women, beauty and color has been recognized by emblematic spaces and international magazines. Through “Deadly Sins” Houda presents her most provocative art, full of sensuality, frivolity and irony. Her art goes beyond impressing, her art illuminates. In this interview, we meet the artist in her purest form.

About success

Circumstantial. Ephemeral. It comes and goes.

About time

Carpe Diem. More love, sea and life.

About future

Unpredictable. In life everything is possible or not.

About money

Almost everything is a matter of money.

About vanity

Vanity is good if it is intelligent. A work well done speaks for itself.


In the same line. Work hard and let the rest flow.


Above all.

A headline for “Deadly Sins

Envy: better if it is healthy.

Lust: without regrets.


Greed: if it makes you happy…

Wrath: always in Mediterranean style.

Pride: a luxury a few people can afford.

Gluttony: no sugar, no party.

About Deadly Dins”

“Deadly Sins” is a very artificial series. It is as simple as the human being’s own primal instincts. It is visceral. The greatest expressive force is the instinctual, the one that flows organically from the entrails, like the desires that nourish the deadly sins. The visceral is intense and concise in expressive force, it is repeated and hardly changes.

Deadly Sins | Houda Bakkali | Limited edition 1/1 | Mixed media | 110cm x 70cm | 2021

About technique

The series is based on 7 unique pieces 100 cm x 100 cm and an exclusive version of the entire series 110 cm x 70 cm. The technique is mixed media: digital illustration and acrylic. Each piece has animation and an augmented reality version.

Lust, main piece

I chose lust as the main piece of this series because this piece represents desire in all its forms through simple lines and vibrant colors. A powerful and passionate desire, but at the same time orderly and serene, full of intensity, exuberance and beauty, where the woman is the protagonist of her own freedom and fantasy. Lust without regrets.

Lust, Houda Bakkali | Limited edition 1/1 | Mixed media | 100cm x 100cm | 2021

“Deadly Sins”, motivations

“Deadly Sins” is motivated by the moment we live in. A lot of chaos, a lot of energy. It’s all very intense and, at times, it seems very definitive. Thus it arose. We all sin, we all fall into temptation. I want to reflect those sins, sometimes forbidden and other palatable ones, with a touch of humor. It is a very simple work in form, but intense in the background. It is a very visceral project.

Gluttony, Houda Bakkali | Limited edition 1/1 | Mixed media | 100cm x 100cm | 2021

About art

Art should be a universal good and artists should work in that sense. Artists must be open to the world, to everyone.

About our context

We are living a revolution full of energy. Art has been democratized and that is extremely important. It is a great achievement to be close to the public and to be able to talk about a more universal and closer art. But this has also made the traditional collector and market much more demanding. The need has been created to present much more exclusive art and in more personalized private spaces.

Greed, Houda Bakkali | Limited edition 1/1 | Mixed media | 100cm x 100cm | 2021

About your art

I create art to make others happy. My goal is to create enthusiasm, positive energy, light, color, joy. I like to tell simple stories that are easy to understand, I love to invite people to laugh, to dream, to enjoy, to use fantasy as a motivating element. Many times people tell me that it is a frivolous art, and it is. Frivolity is necessary for life.

About exhibitions

Although my work is essentially digital, I love to share it in physical spaces. I love the close contact with the public, I love the conversation, the people, the party.

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